The End of an Era: The Final Classes of Peace College

sign of "peace college" outside of the school on a brick wall

By Ross Behunisk

The sun is shining down on the Main Lawn as students laugh and converse with their new life-long friends. Standing in front  of Main, a feeling of belonging and new journeys fills the 200 freshman women as they celebrate the tradition of throwing a red rose into the  beautiful fountain that adorns the doorsteps of Peace College.

This is a tradition that typically ends with graduation when you throw your  last red rose into the fountain, symbolizing completion of your college  career.

“The traditions I will miss most are the  ones that I possibly will not get to experience. I remember throwing  my first rose into the fountain, and I am saddened by the possibility  of not throwing my last rose into the fountain when I graduate,” said  Hannah Murphy, Class of 2014.

She described Peace College as a school she fell  in love with. During an interview with her, she elaborately described  her feelings of joy to be a part of the school. She shared stories of  the experiences that came with a close, all female community.

Today, the old has gone and the new has come. Peace College is no more, and what remains left of the actual school  are the buildings, and the Class of 2014. Although the end for many is bittersweet, there is a sense of prestige that comes with being  in the last official class of Peace College.

“I am really happy that I got to experience  Peace College and the sisterhood that comes with it,” said Shannon Wright, Class of 2014.

“I am saddened that future generations however, will not get to experience what I did.”

Murphy however, feels that the college’s transition  to a co-educational status has opened the door for many new journeys,  and that there is one aspect of Peace College that continues to live  on.

“I am happy that future students will get to experience  one of my favorite aspects of Peace. There is nothing better here  than the faculty and the knowledge gained from such incredible teachers. One thing I will never forget is being able to go into Flowe and just  hang out with Newhouse, Laskowski, Anderson, or any of them,” said  Murphy.

This is a bittersweet transition from a tight-knit community to new and promising beginnings for a brand  new school named William Peace University.

As the days pass, roommates Hannah Murphy and Shannon Wright will continue to reminisce on what Peace College means to them. Although the school may be different, in their eyes and in the hearts of many alumnae, Peace College will live on forever.

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