Monogramming: A Southern Tradition for Everyone

One of the many trends that have become popular is the monogramming of personalized items. This gives people the chance to make accessories personal for them because they have their name on it.
According to Whimsically Chic’s blog, within the past year, monogramming has increased in the South, but it is not just a Southern thing and it will never go out of style. In Whimsically Chic’s blog, Karen Boone said that monogramming takes things that are ordinary and makes them so personal and unique. It adds that bit of character and whimsy to something and makes it say, “This is me, this is who I am.”
Anything can be monogrammed, from pillows, purses and jackets, to necklaces, shirts and shorts. All items can have their name embroidered on. Monogramming can be someone’s full name or someone’s initials. Most of the time, it is first name initial, last name initial and middle name initial. The last name initial is always bigger than the others because it is in the middle. There are different fonts and styles that can be done when getting something monogrammed. This is not only a girl’s thing, boys can get a bag with their name monogrammed too. Monogramming can be for babies, girls, boys, teenagers and adults.
Julia Pemberton, a student at William Peace University said, “I have a necklace that is monogrammed and the reason I like monogramming other stuff is it personalizes items that are mine which makes it unique.”
Popular sites that people use for monogramming are Etsy or Marley Lilly. Etsy is for any demographic, while Marley Lilly is more for the female demographic. These websites allow people to buy and sell items such as art, jewelry, accessories and clothes. Anyone who purchase these items can also get things monogrammed for free and one can do it simply just on the website.
Paige Ingalls, another student at WPU said, “I like monograms because it’s kind of a Southern tradition and it sets you apart from everyone else.”

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