Love is greater than time and distance

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” – Corinthians 13:7
Imagine an amazing relationship with your significant other, you’ve been together for more then a year and suddenly he/she has an interview for a job, flies off to the middle of nowhere, and comes back to tell you he/she is moving in a month to start training. Your beating heart slowly dropped to a sunken Titanic in seconds. Of course, you’re going to tell them you’re happy and proud, but now the hard work and distance begins…
When people get into a relationship they obviously expect jealousy, fighting, arguing, love, and care. What we don’t expect is states between us, or worse, countries.
If you’re stuck in this situation, the best advice is to bring the best moments of your relationship and stuff them in your head, like: the kisses, hugs, vacations, your sexual experiences, etc., or even reminding yourself the reasons you started dating in the first place.
Most things in life may seem impossible to get through, but a long distance relationship is possible, even though it could feel like the longest journey of your entire existence.
Dear people, don’t be saddened by this harsh inconvenience, it’s not hard math, just stick together. There are many activities you could do with your lover, here are some examples: Skype, Face Time,, a movie date, phone calls.
Dedicating energy each day to make the best of the distance, send care packages, gifts, telegrams, fly or drive to one another. Honestly, the best part is missing each other and once you’re in front of that person … everything in the past disappears, and nothing matters from that moment until you part once again.
Many say that long distance relationships are doomed from the start, but the truth is it’s how both partners make the best of it by communicating, making time, having trust, and love.
If you can do that then your relationship will be stronger than those who’ve been together without separation, and when life wants to challenge you both, you’ll be too strong for it’s wrath because all love is greater than time and distance.

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