Review: Red Rose Ball 2014 was a Success

Women posing for a picture at Red Rose.

Well, I come bearing good news that Red Rose Ball for William Peace University was one to go down in the books. It was Friday, March 28th at The Garden at Millbrook.
If anyone has ever been there, you already know how beautiful it is. There were elegant chandeliers hanging down and a stunning terrace that paired perfectly for the mood that everyone there was hoping for.  Senior Sabre Jessup said, “This was the first Red Rose Ball I have been to in all my four years at Peace and it was even better than I had thought it would be.”
Have I mentioned the delicious food yet? Well there was a huge table full and it was hard to keep my hands away. Between the mac and cheese, chicken tenders and cake pops everyone in the building had a little taste of heaven. Senior Taylor Hawkins explains, “I was surprised at how delicious the food was, I couldn’t get enough of the mac and cheese!”
For anyone that likes to focus on the dance floor as the main attraction of Red Rose Ball, this was one you shouldn’t have missed. The dance floor was crowded with everyone loving the DJ and danced the whole night away.
Sadly, this was my one and only cocktail or Red Rose Ball that I have been to since my freshman year at Peace College so for anyone that is thinking of not going next year, my little bit of advice is to go.

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