William Peace University Graduate Panel

Group of graduates having an open discussion in a classroom

The Graduate school panel that was held here at William Peace University was quite the hit. The students that came and listened to the speakers got a lot of useful information on what to do when it is time to apply for graduate school. Sarah Heenan, who works here at William Peace University, stated “it is a big decision, one you should really think about before making.”
All of the speakers said that it is a big expense and there is not a lot of free time. Most of the time students have to work on school related activities and if you are able to have a job that can create a lot of extra stress. “The session was very helpful and it opened my eyes to how big of a decision graduate school really is,” said Kandyce Jones a junior at William Peace University.  “I know now that I need to get a head start and start working on figuring out where I want to apply now!”
All of the speakers emphasized how important it is to go ahead and get a head start on applying to graduate school. If not applying, then students should be researching the program that they want to attend and see what they have to have to be able to apply.
“I was not able to work while I attended my graduate school, and no one else in the program did either,” said Emma Weavil a graduate of Peace College. Weavil attended a graduate program for physician’s assistants at Methodist University, and she stated that it was “really tough.” No one in the class was allowed to get lower than a C, if they did they were allowed to retake the test but if they did not do better the next time they were exited from the program.
On a positive note, all of the speakers said that since you are going to school to do something that you love it is not as hard because you enjoy the classes that you take.
Overall, the graduate panel was very helpful to students and even opened some eyes to see how serious graduate school is. If you are thinking about graduate school and you have questions you can contact Barbara Efrid in career services and she can give you contact information for the speakers that were involved with the graduate panel. They will be happy to answer any questions that you have!

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