WPU A capella group doubles in size

William Peace University’s acapella group, Vocal MasterPEACE (VMP) is heating up for new school year with a new advisor and doubling in size. VMP was formed last semester with only six students as members. The group had a number of appearances on campus, such as at the talent show and at Student Showcase. They also performed downtown on street corners, the R-Line – anywhere to be heard by the community.
“This year I’m looking forward to the new sound that we have,” said Trea Brady, WPU senior and VMP President. “We added seven new people, plus an awesome advisor who is experienced in composing and performing a capella music.”
Matt Hodge, assistant professor for musical theatre at WPU, has signed on to be Vocal MasterPEACE’s advisor and arranger. Hodge has been directing acapella groups and arranging acapella music for seven years.
“I see huge potential in the group,” said Hodge. “Everyone in there wants to be there and they’re excited. I want it to be the best thing this community has seen in years.”
Vocal MasterPEACE’s music caters to all different demographics, including the students and faculty, by singing songs from all different genres. However, like most contemporary acapella groups, the core foundation of it is contemporary, Top 40 songs.
“The possibilities are endless for what I want to do with the group,” said Brady. “My vision for VMP has always been to compete in acapella competitions, travel for boot camp with other groups, perform at a First Friday event and eventually make an album. I can’t wait to get

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