Students weigh in on fall festivities around campus

WPU stock image

By Brigitte Tondeur

It is that time of year again: fall. The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting cooler, and favorite autumn holidays are just up ahead.

Some favorite activities that William Peace University students enjoy doing at this time of year include pumpkin carving, indulging in fall foods such as pumpkin pie, enjoying the vibrant fall colors, and learning the history of fall-time traditions.

According to Caroline Rector, a freshman at William Peace University, “I really like the history of Halloween and I really like fall.”

According to Mike Pullian, also a freshman at William Peace University, his favorite activity of fall is the Thanksgiving feast.

“I like the colors. It is pretty,” said Pullian.

Lastly, Taylor Peatross, a sophomore at William Peace University, said dressing up is her favorite autumn activity.

“It is always fun to dress up. It gives me the opportunity to be creative. It is something different than wearing regular clothes,” said Taylor Peatross.

Students at William Peace University have different favorite activities that they enjoy, but all are enthusiastic about contributing to the atmosphere around campus.

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