Seattle for Spring Break

While some of us have already made plans, others are still looking for that perfect spring vacation getaway. As one of the top vacation destinations in the United States, Seattle is a city that has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers. Seattle’s geographical location makes it a great destination for outdoor adventures. The city’s unlimited access to water and parks enables locals and visitors to enjoy sports such as boating, fishing, kayaking, bike riding, and many more.
For those who prefer to shop while traveling, Seattle offers tons of options as Seattleites are known for their quirky sense of fashion. Areas such as downtown Seattle, Fremont, Pike Place Market and University District offer a diverse shopping experience that will appeal to various fashion style. The diverse cultural groups living in Seattle make it a great destination for culinary enthusiasts as it is home to many great restaurants and food trucks. “It’s always a good experience to taste the different types of food in Seattle. I like that this city has less food chains, you see a lot of little coffee shops and bakeries” said Shauna Malone, a resident of North Carolina who visited Seattle in 2009.
Seattle is also a great place to experience art. The city itself looks like a picture fresh off a canvas. Every turn, street and neighborhood has a certain look to it. Seattle Art Museum is a primary artist post but there are plenty of sculptures such as the “Fremont Troll” and the “Hammering Man” that demand attention. Betty Aguie, a resident of North Carolina and student at Wake Technical College who visited Seattle in 2012, says, “I think that Seattle is a great place for art. There is art all throughout the streets, just ask around and make some research because there is plenty of art stuff to find.”
As spring break slowly approaches many of us wonder what we will do during our time off?   Why not celebrate the end of the semester by making Seattle, WA, a memorable trip.

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