5 Communication Habits that Lead to a Stress Free Internship

Main Students on Camp 2- Makayla C

By Nikee Bayunga

Doing an internship while going to school full-time can be stressful and overwhelming. To limit the amount of stress you could experience during your internship, it is important to communicate often with your internship site director, especially when you’re not on site.

Here are 5 habits that help me keep up good communication with my internship site director.

  1. Check your email everyday: This will help you stay on track with any news or assignments.
  2. Reply to emails from your director: This will help your director know that you know what’s going on.
  3. Keep your director informed about your work: If you can work outside of your internship site, it is very important to often let your director know what you have worked on. Don’t be afraid to email drafts, link to blog posts, etc…
  4. Set your limits: Let your director know if you’re having difficulties with an assignment or if you won’t be able to do a project due to your school work. He or she will be more than happy to help you overcome any difficulties.
  5. Ask questions: This will clear any misunderstanding and ease good communication.

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