Living on a College Budget

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By Alexis Parilberg

Attending a four year university and finding the funds for tuition is a challenge in itself; finding the funds to make it a fun experience is a whole other story. Just going to classes and attending sports games doesn’t always make things fun for students, some students are not interested in sporting events at all.

Living on your own in a big city has become a challenge for many students but there are many ways to stretch your dollar. A problem that many girls face while living in dorms is not having enough space for all of their clothes; one dresser and a small closet are not always enough.

A great way to earn some quick cash and make more space is to re-sell some of your clothes that you haven’t worn that often. There are many places such as Plato’s Closet and Uptown Cheapskate that will buy lightly worn clothing. Most colleges offer a work-study program that allow students to work for the school in the offices as secretaries and other small jobs, this is a good idea for students who do not have a car on campus.

If you do have access to a car many clothing retail and food industry jobs will hire students and they will usually work around class schedules. Most of these jobs will offer a range of 10-30 hours a week at minimum wage or even higher. These jobs are good for students to have so that they can have money to spend on fun things such as shopping or sightseeing.

After a semester is over, a good way to make back some of the money that was spent on books is to sell them online sometimes the bookstore that you got the book from will buy back the book.

There are many fun things that students can do without spending money. In many college cities there are museums that are free. Another fun thing to do is to go to a park and go for a walk or play catch with a friend, enjoying the outdoors is always a healthy cheap thing to do while in college.

Another fun and inexpensive thing to do is get a group of friends together and collect all of the movies you all own and randomly pick one or two to watch and if everyone chips in a dollar or two there should be enough money to buy popcorn.

Just pick someones room and gather a load of pillows and blankets and have your own theater night.

There are many easy ways to earn money and have a fun experience in college without stressing over having money.

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