Studying Abroad the American Way

Studying abroad is a wonderful way to experience a foreign country and its culture while getting school credit. Although it is common for prospective American students to apply to a local university in the country of their interest, it isn’t the only way to study abroad.

Every year, thousands of American students study abroad through American universities located abroad. This method enables students to experience a foreign country without leaving the comfort of the American school curriculum, which makes the process of transferring credits back to the student’s home university easier. Also students can utilize their financial aid funds towards the program of their choice.

Unlike common misconceptions, these universities promote the culture of their host country by offering intensive language courses, historical courses and cultural expeditions. These universities also promote diversity by hiring native professors and by enrolling native and international students giving the American student a wider perspective on the world.

Interested in studying abroad the American way? Check out this list of American Universities abroad.

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