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By Alex Van Moir

This week William Peace University appreciates two wonderful faculty members at the university. The first faculty member is Liz Webb who works as an Admissions Counselor at William Peace University; moreover, Webb is working as the head of the work study department within the department.

Although Webb is relevantly new to the university, she is having a profound impact on the Admissions department as she is always there to help mentor her work study students by teaching them valuable skills of patience and responsibility.

Pictured above are sophomore Katie-Beth Jenkins and Liz Webb
Pictured above are sophomore Katie-Beth Jenkins and Liz Webb

The person who appreciates all of Liz Webb’s hard work within the Admissions department is sophomore Katie-Beth Jenkins. Jenkins has had the opportunity to get to know Webb through the work study department here at Peace and is currently thriving due to the mentorship of Webb.

When asked reasons why Webb is awesome Jenkins states, “She’s a great boss and a great friend as she is always there for all the student ambassadors. She gives us the tools to deal with our issues by teaching us the core value of responsibility and she also gives a time and place to do so. She is an amazing mentor as I can come to her with anything as she is in touch with her work study students and her co-workers. Lastly, she has made the Admissions department a very fun environment to work in over the past year.”

One event Jenkins is thankful for with Webb is all the heart-to-heart talks she so freely dispensed this past year.

Jenkins explains, “Liz has been there for me through all the struggles this year. Even when I come in screaming she’ll stop what she is doing and take me aside to talk with me. I know she truly wants me to be successful as I have contemplated the idea of transferring this year. Even though I know she would love me to stay and be successful here at Peace, she is willing to help me through the transfer process by keeping me on top of all the deadlines and the applications. I know that no matter what happens she will be there to be support me and cheer me on regardless of what happens. Having Liz on my side is truly a blessing.”

When asked what Katie-Beth Jenkins would say to Liz Webb right now if she could she states that, “Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover all my appreciation. You have been fighting for the Student Ambassadors even before you were our boss. You have always wanted to be an ally through teaching us and can now do so, which I might add you are doing a great job. Your drive to make us better adults is amazing. I can’t even begin to truly thank you for all that you have done for me. You are one of my favorite people not just at Peace but in the world. I know already stated this but having you on my side is truly a blessing.”

The second person William Peace University Appreciates is JoAnn Sauls. Sauls works as a Registrar Coordinator within the Registrar department here at Peace. Sauls is always there for students when the difficulties of registration come about near the end of each semester.

Pictured above are senior Katie Barrett and JoAnn Sauls.
Pictured above are senior Katie Barrett and JoAnn Sauls.

The person that appreciates all of JoAnn Sauls hard work in the office of the Registrar at Peace is senior Katie Barrett. Barrett has gotten to know Sauls over her five years at Peace by always camping out by her office at eight a.m. during the week of registration.

When asked reasons why Sauls is an awesome person Barrett states that, “She is really great when you are stressed about scheduling and she is so helpful. She will make sure to double and triple check everything on your schedule even though she is not required to do so. I’ve been in her office to get her expertise on all the changes in scheduling for the majors and liberal education requirements which shows she is very knowledgeable about her job. Also not many students know this but she is fierce in her adult improv class!”

One event which Barrett is very thankful for with Sauls is her being there to soothe her anxiety during registration week. Barrett dictates, “JoAnn is here twenty-four seven to help students. Through my five years here at Peace and the four catalog changes she always has soothed my anxiety of registration week by reassuring me I am getting all the classes I need in order to keep me on track to graduate this upcoming May.”

When asked what Katie Barrett would say to JoAnn Sauls if she had the chance, she states, “Thank you for all the hard work you put in here at the university and that you do make an impact on the lives of students here. Your dedication and hard work has not gone unnoticed by everyone here and we all love how you are always there to help us be successful in getting all the courses we need. Even though you are not in the classroom teaching us, you are a very important person here on campus and we all love and appreciate you.”

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