Peace Appreciates: Meginnis-Payne

This week William Peace University appreciates two amazing faculty members at the university. The first faculty member is Dr. Kayce Meginnis-Payne who works as an associate professor in the Psychology and Women’s Studies Departments here at William Peace University. Payne has worked at the institution for twelve years and has helped further many interests, not only in the field of psychology, but also the field of women’s studies. She has even partnered with the Vagina Monologues over the past few years performing alongside students to help educate female students about the wonders of female reproductive system.
The person who appreciates all of Dr. Meginnis-Payne’s hard work within the Psychology and Women’s Studies Departments is Junior Lauren Monsanto. Monsanto has had the opportunity to get to know Meginnis-Payne over the past semesters by having Meginnis-Payne as a professor for Women’s Studies classes. When asked reasons why Meginnis-Payne is an awesome professor Monsanto said, “MP is awesome because she is a very detailed professor. She really gets to know your abilities as a student and helps build your strengths in the academics. In my eyes she is a really great professor because she is not afraid to push boundaries in the classroom and in real life like at the Vagina Monologues last year. She is definitely the reason I ended up dropping my Chemistry minor and picked up a minor in Women’s Studies. When I took the introduction to Women’s Studies she truly opened up my eyes to the importance of the subject not only for further education purposes but also for further enlightenment.”
One event Monsanto is thankful for with Dr. Meginnis-Payne is her experience with the Vagina Monologue, which is a celebration of women, promotes health, and discusses culture last spring. Monsanto explains, “This experience was worth extra credit which was part of the reason I went but I am truly glad I did end up going to it. This event was a grand experience because not only was it entertaining for theatrical purposes but also it was an eye opening experience and I am truly grateful for that. Also because of that class I took with her I understand so much more than I ever thought I would. I am looking forward to the Vagina Monologues this upcoming year and I am hoping to be more than a spectator this year.”
When asked what Lauren Monsanto would say to Dr. Kayce Meginnis-Payne right now she said, “You are a wonderful human being and I am so glad to have met you here at Peace. You have taught me so much about myself on subjects I would not have allowed myself to even recognize. You have made the biggest impact on me that a professor has ever had on me in my entire life for that I am forever grateful. I wish I could take all of my courses here at Peace with you but I am at least going to make sure to try to take all the courses that you teach that fit within my schedule.”
The second person William Peace University Appreciates is Alethea Byrd. Byrd works as in the Athletics Department as an Athletic Trainer at William Peace University. Even though Byrd is relatively new to the Athletic Department she is prominent among student athletes for always being there to help out with ice, a tape job, or just to make them laugh right before they head off to practice or start physical therapy.
The person that appreciates all of Alethea Byrd’s hard work in the Athletic Department here at Peace is Junior Shannon Maddex. Maddex has grown close with Byrd over the past three years of going to the training room before practice to get treatments ranging from physical therapy to tape and ice. When asked why Byrd is an awesome person Maddex states that, “She is always on top of it in the training room. She tapes perfectly. So much so that I believe she cannot be matched by anyone else. She is really funny and keeps it light amidst all the injuries that occur in that room. She is very compassionate and you can really see that she truly enjoys the work she is doing here in the training room. Even though she tries to push you past your limits in physical therapy we all know that she is only giving us tough love because she wants to see us succeed in finishing our physical therapy so we can get back to the sports we play. She is flexible in her scheduling because she wants to make sure she can serve all the athletes she can, so much so that she will stay late to help us out even though her shows might be on.”
One event which Maddex is very thankful for with Byrd is Byrd helping Maddex rehabilitate her shoulder last soccer season. Maddex said, “I injured my shoulder last soccer season when I dove to the ground. I guess I just dove wrong on my shoulder. I did not notice it at first but it gradually started to get worse. I went to Alethea and we started physical therapy immediately. Even though it still is not a hundred percent I would be a lot worse off if she did not help me right away. She was very encouraging about my recovery time and she massaged it multiple times. Those massages were painful at the time but man did they do wonders the next day as my shoulder was truly starting to feel better.”
When asked what Shannon Maddex would say to Alethea Byrd if she had the chance, Maddex said, “Thank you! You’re one of the best athletic trainers that I have ever known. You are always willing to help us out even though you may want to go home and watch all of your favorite shows. You do it all. From taping to giving me rides up the hill to physical therapy and making us laugh even when we want to cry.”

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