Stressed Out? Try Fishing

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By Dylan Williams

With all of the building stress and tension the spring semester brings as finals are approaching, you may need to take time to get away from stress. Taking time to clear your mind and to relax are very important for your health and well-being.

One great way to get away from the stresses of college is to go fishing.  Going fishing is one of the most peaceful ways to relieve stress. There are several aspects to going fishing that help you to clear your mind and relax.

Enjoying the Outdoors. When you are fishing you are able to enjoy the weather and see some of the amazing things that occur in nature. For example, this weekend I went fishing on the Neuse River and saw some amazing violet flowers blooming from Wisteria, a vine that consumes trees.

Social Fishing.

Fishing is a sport that people can enjoy together with friends and even bond with other fishermen. It is nice to talk and joke around while trying to catch fish.

Great tastes.

Fishing can be rewarding. There are several fish that you can catch in lakes and rivers around North Carolina that taste delicious.


When you are fishing it takes your mind off of other things. By tying this in with the beautiful landscapes and the soothing sounds of the water, crickets, and frogs and you have a unique experience.


When you catch a fish you get a source of excitement which is why so many people love it. Feeling a large fish tugging at the other end of the line that you are reeling in is like no other. It is thrilling experience to feel the strength and speed that a fish has in the water.


The environment you are in while you are fishing leads to you to care more about the earth. It disgusts me to see trash and litter in the water or around it when I am fishing. I try to clean up whenever I see such things. When you are in such a beautiful landscape it leads you to want the rest of the world to be a cleaner place.

Tanner Brown, a frequent fisherman, says “going fishing helps me see how the world needs to be treated.”

Fishing motivates people to treat the world better and think green.

Even if all of these wonderful things don’t convince you to try fishing it is still good to get away from the stresses of school and clear your mind.

If fishing just isn’t your thing, enjoy a movie, a game, or whatever it is that helps you reduce stress and have a great end to the semester.

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