WPU Welcomes Lacrosse Team

Graphic of two lacrosse nets crossed in an 'X' with the words 'pacers" and "WPU Lacrosse". A view of the fountain from drone height is unsaturated in the background

By Phillip Peaden

William Peace University plans to add Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse to their athletic program in the fall of 2017 — the eighth program that has been added to athletics department since 2012-2013.

Athletic Director Phil Rowe has some high hopes and expectations for the program. The department is on track to have the first practice next fall.

“The goal [of the lacrosse team] is to be competitive from the first year,” said Rowe.“We hope to have 20 to 30 on the men’s teams and 18 to 22 on the women’s [for the first year].”

After the first year, the teams are expected to grow to be between 35 to 45 for the men’s and 25 to 30 for the women’s. With the addition of the WPU teams and the teams of Averett University, there will be 13 teams in women’s conferences and nine in the men’s.

Two coaches have been hired and the announcement is coming soon. Both of the coaches will be strength and conditioning coaches that will train the other WPU teams.

In a press release, WPU said “adding men’s and women’s lacrosse will continue to increase enrollment and expand the geographic diversity of its student population. Both programs are expected to generate enthusiasm campus wide and enhance the overall student experience at WPU.”

“[I’m] excited about the programs because that means Peace is growing and it adds a wider variety of people,” said senior soccer player Sean O’Driscoll.

O’Driscoll is thinking of trying out for the men’s team to be a part of his second historic team. He is one of the original players of the WPU Men’s Soccer team and he is excited about opportunity to play.

“I’m excited to rip top cheddar with my spoon,” said O’Driscoll.

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