WPU Town Hall Recap

Main lawn and fountain

By Brittany Bass

William Peace University students were invited to meet at Kenan Hall for a Town Hall session Jan. 31.

Students were encouraged to submit questions to school faculty members prior to the meeting.  The submissions were made up of questions, concerns and feedback regarding WPU and suggestions on what could be done to make it a better place. The answers to these questions were discussed during the assembly.

After all of the questions received prior to the session were answered, there was an open forum for students to ask additional questions and to offer comments. During this time, there was a disagreement regarding adding more sororities and starting a fraternity chapter for men at our institution.

The subject was brought up twice by two different students and one claimed that the student services director was “beating around the bush” when it came to giving the audience a straight-forward answer.

Many men on campus that creating fraternities would bridge the gender gap at Peace.

“I am also for creating fraternities for men on campus,” junior Cullen Cicotte says. “I feel like there is an imbalance in gender at this school and a fraternity could bridge the gap.”

In addition, it could also give men a chance to feel more involved in a former women’s college.   

“It would give the men at William Peace University a chance to be part of something and help them feel like they’re actually at a university,” said senior Deen Harrison. “Now that William Peace is coed, it’s time to make positive changes for the men.”   

Adding males to the student body has made the college grow.  

Maybe it’s time to include opportunities like fraternities to offer legacies for men at WPU and make campus more appealing to new male students.

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