4th Annual EveryBODY Fashion Show

WPU Every Body Fashion Show poster

By Rachael Peoples

In spring of 2013, Nicole Davis, head counselor of the Wellness Center, wanted to have a week here for National Eating Disorders Awareness (NEDA). In its first year at William Peace University, Davis wanted to do a fashion show that showed those with eating disorders are just as beautiful as others.

The show always has different categories. This year’s show on March 1 will feature athletics, red carpet wear, winter outfits, and summer outfits. Also the models will wear something that they would usually wear — characteristic of their style.  There will also be a special category that hasn’t been done for any of the fashion shows in the past.

After the first year, Davis started to see a pattern in the counseling center. People weren’t just coming to her for their eating disorders; there were problems all over that expressed low-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Nicole had the idea to broaden the fashion show to “EveryBODY.”

The show became for anyone, not just the ones with eating disorders. She wanted to have a diverse amount of people that showed everyone of any body is just as beautiful.

During one show, a student came right off the stage and told Davis that she gets to check modeling off her bucket list. Davis was overjoyed at this student’s experience, and says that it is at least one of the many reasons that she continues to put on the show.

Other reasons why this show happens is that Davis wants everyone to “believe that they are enough” and to change someone’s way of thinking. She wants to stop them thinking of everything that is wrong with their bodies and start thinking on what is right.

The show at 6:30 p.m. will be hosted by Ebony Miles and Jarrett Bennett. Come on out and spread the love for all our models!   

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