Seniors Get Creative With Their Graduation Caps

A wine-oriented graduation cap

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional” –Walt Disney
It is that time of year again, when William Peace University seniors re getting ready for graduation. A lot of getting ready for graduation is stressful, and you dread it, like finals. But there are some fun things you do to get ready for graduation, such as, decorate your graduation caps.
Your graduation cap is something special. Graduates decorate their caps with meaningful, witty, funny, or eye-appealing things. Many of our seniors have just recently finished theirs and cannot wait until graduation day.
There are so many things to decorate your cap with: sayings, quotes, pictures, and more. The key to Graduation Cap decorating is you want it to be meaningful to you and have a special place in your heart. Most importantly, you want people to say “yep, that is so you!” when they see it.
Senior, and also a member of the Peace Times staff, Elizabeth Boyette explains her “Whining finally got me something I wanted!” graduation cap: “I have whined over the past two semesters so much I have wanted to be done and just have my degree, all while having a glass of wine while doing it! So, I thought this was punny and perfect for me!”
Dustin Walker chose a “Mischief Managed,” Harry Potter-themed, graduation cap: “Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood,” said Walker. “The books were some of the first chapter books I ever read! I credit my intellect and cleverness to the books that I read as a child and teenager.”
Amanda Terry’s graduation cap has a meaning that everyone can relate to. “I chose this quote because it is the title of one of my favorite songs by Kacey Musgraves,” said Terry. “The song basically says that you should follow your arrow and do what is best for you because whether you do something good or bad someone is always going to have an opinion and judge you for it. So be you and follow your own arrow. I also really like sunflowers and pears. It is very classy, but southern to me.”
Shannon Maddex is absolutely in love with her cap, and who could blame her? “The quote is based off of the movie ‘Tangled’, and she chases her dream and when she succeeds she decides to find a new dream. Now that I have finished college on the East Coast, I need to find a new dream on the West Coast where I am from.”
I am sure we can all relate to each and every one of these students’ graduation caps. They were all thought out and very well decorated and we wish the Senior Class of 2017 nothing but the best — and hope they all have a glass of wine, find their own arrow, find a new dream, and manage more mischief.
Congratulations WPU Class of 2017!

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