Try Adult Life, It Would Be Fun They Said!

Peace student lays across desk next to notebooks

By Kasey Delaney

Raleigh, NC- Since the dawn of time wise adults would tell younger generations that life will be hard when you become an adult. We asked students about adulthood, and their responses were vastly different from each other.

A general assumption would be that life after college will dramatically change. In hindsight, life after college is what you make it. The responsibilities of being an adult are inevitable. Growing up has to happen eventually.

College life is nothing short of being on a roller-coaster. Adulthood is being fully grown and mature to accept the bigger roller-coaster. Appreciating the unexpected turns and going with the flow.

Things to consider when leaving college:

  1. Financial stability will become priority, as well as MULTIPLE BILLS!
  2. Social life will change for the better or the worse.
  3. Relationships with family, partners, and friends will require more effort.
  4. Expectations of yourself and society will alter.
  5. Becoming a proper citizen in society will matter.
  6. What free time?!

Current students have a variety of views and opinions on the transition from college life into adulthood. Some are apprehensive about life after the classrooms, and some are enthusiastic about what the future holds.

“I remember when I was a kid, wishing to grow up quickly”, said Catherine Harman, senior at William Peace University. “But now, I catch myself idolizing Peter Pan, wishing I could suspend time…to stay a kid forever.”    

College prepares people for their future foundation in adulthood. The transition from college results in independence from parents, teachers, available resources, etc. Life skills are formed from college experiences.

University of North Carolina Greensboro sophomore, Christina Tabb, was raised to believe college is the ticket to success, and that that’s all you will need in life. Her main focus right now is to make good grades and graduate.

“Being in college is easy because all you have to worry about is waking up on time for breakfast and how late is too late to work on an essay paper,” said Tabb. “Adulthood, I would image would be like getting sling-shot into reality and then you’re forced to pay for this harsh reality though bills.”

“Adulthood is overrated and college life is unestimated,” said Tabb.

Campbell University graduate 2012’, Jesse Parker, was forced into reality after leaving college. His time at college only prepared him academically, not mentally for what’s to come.

“College life in no way prepares you for real adulthood,” said Parker. “Going from college into the workforce is not something they can prepare you for, nor do they attempt to prepare you for the failure that most of us deal with.”

“There is little room for error in adulthood. There is no save button or checkpoints in life, so make the best of it,” said Parker.

There’s always a textbook for the classroom, but never one in life on how to become an adult.

Preparing one’s self for life after college will take patience and perseverance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!