WPU Student Involvement Plans

Austin Arias, Director of Student Involvement

Austin Arias has just recently been introduced as the new Director of Student Involvement of William Peace University. Arias joined the Peace community in August 2017 and is excited to provide students with an interactive role in planning upcoming events. He chose to accept the position at Peace due to his love for the small campus atmosphere and close-knit community feel.
Arias stated that the upcoming event he is most excited for is the introduction of Pacers After Dark. Pacers After Dark is a late night social series that will include food, games, and surprises. This interactive series will provide students with the opportunity to easily engage with classmates outside of a classroom setting.
In previous years, Peace has offered students the opportunity to take part on Bus Trips. These trips happen twice a year, once a semester. Last school year, the destination of these trips were to Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL (Fall 2016) and New York City, NY (Spring 2017). Although Arias stated that there are no upcoming bus trips currently planned, the office of Student Involvement is working on a variety of programming options based upon student interests.
Although he has just recently joined the Peace community, Arias has displayed that the student voice of Peace is his priority. His biggest hope as the Director of Student Involvement is to “…create an engaged campus community through new programming, strengthening traditions, and allowing the student voice to be a top priority.”