The Shack 2: Shack Harder

A patron is served at Al's Burger Shack.

What’s better than a good burger? A good burger served at a local family business, that’s what.
Now for most Raleigh natives Chapel Hill is not “local”, and most William Peace University students might scoff at the idea of driving down to the “Thrill” for a burger; however, Al’s Burger Shack burgers aren’t just any run-of-the-mill burger. Al Bowers (formerly head cook for Merritt’s Store and Sandwich Shop) founded Al’s Burger Shack in 2013 back when yours truly was a ratty high school junior.
Al’s Burger Shack is truly just that. The building itself can barely fit twenty people and quite often the line stretches from the counter down to the end of the street. The Shack slogan reads “Good is good, y’all!” and trust me when I say that the slogan applies to the burgers. It’s not just the burgers either; I often find myself picking sweet potato fries off of my girlfriend’s plate when she isn’t looking.
As of September 18, Al’s Burger Shack is celebrating not just it’s 4 year anniversary, but the grand opening of its second location. In an Instagram post Jordan Bowers, daughter of Al himself, had this to say: “Four years ago today my family and I had our world turned upside down. With early days, late nights and a lot of missed family dinners, the last few years have been challenging… Now, I’m so proud to announce that our second Shack is opening today!”
Al’s Burger Shack may have only been open for four years, but the Shack has quickly become a staple on Chapel Hill’s popular Franklin Street. So for all of you Raleigh natives, college students, or just general fans of good food, I urge you to take the roughly twenty minute drive down to Franklin Street and hit up the Shack. It’s well worth the gas, and while I’m here, I recommend the Sean’s Bacon Burger.

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