Fall Fun for Everyone

Green leaves in the trees changing color to orange

Fall is an amazing time of year. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler, days are getting shorter and the holidays are getting closer. With so much changing one can imagine just how many things there are to see and do.
One of the most popular fall activities includes a chance to see the changing nature around you. At William Peace University there are several parks and trails nearby that you can take advantage of for a leisurely fall walk or maybe even a bike ride. William B. Umstead State Park is a quick fifteen minute drive from Peace’s campus and offers great views of the fall foliage this time of year. While you are there you might even consider a delicious fall picnic or making a “leaf rubbing” by rubbing a crayon on a sheet of white paper pressed against any leaf you choose for an awesome DIY souvenir.
“I love to step on crunchy leaves,” said Sean O’Driscoll, a senior at Peace, “I just like being outside during the fall and when it’s cold.”
Other popular fall activities revolve around a favorite dress-up holiday, Halloween. Besides trick-or-treating or dressing up for the raddest parties you can also attend a haunted house, a haunted trail or maybe the increasingly popular real-life zombie experiences. Xtreme Park Adventures, based in Durham, is offering Xtreme Haunt this season, the triangle’s only real-life zombie shooting experience. Attendees are able to board a military truck and use paintball guns to “kill” the zombie actors trying to attack. They also offer zombie target shooting and mini escape rooms which can be a lot of fun especially if the outside weather isn’t so great.
Other fall activities to keep you busy and entertained can include going to a pumpkin patch and then carving your pumpkin, making a pinecone birdfeeder, make and eat candy apples or attending your hometown fall festival. You might even consider going to one of the nearby Division 1 schools, like NC State or UNC-Chapel Hill, to participate in the fall tradition of tailgating before a football game.
Peace senior, Connor Hill, loves experiencing the tastes of fall. “[One of my favorite fall activities] is to drink apple cider.”
No matter what you decide to do make sure to have fun and tag us in your fall fun pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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