8 Tips: Cramming For Finals

It has come to that time of the semester where everyone starts to appear more drowsy, more frustrated, and more stressed out. We all know what that means…FINALS!
As the end of the fall semester is quickly approaching and as all are so eagerly waiting for Winter Break to finally be here; professors are cramming in last minute notes, essays, and exams before finals; and students are starting to look like zombies walking around campus with limited hours of sleep under their belts.
The countless hours of homework, studying, and paying close attention in class (only sometimes), has all come down to these last few hours and this last week.
Final Exam week is something that not only students tend to dread, but also something that most professors dislike as well. Although by the end most will feel relieved and rejoiced, getting to that point comes along with a large amount of hard-work, usually because of the lack of work throughout the semester.
Exceeding during finals week is always difficult, especially if you have been slacking off and procrastinating all semester long. Don’t let that get you discouraged though.
Here are 10  tips for those who have been slacking off and need to cram last minute for final exams:

  1. Use the Study Guide Whether your  professor gives you a study guide or not, using or creating one from your notes is a great way to make sure you know the important topics and facts.
  2. Study Things That Are NOT In The Study Guide – If given a study guide, make sure you study additional notes and information that is present on there. Sometimes professors even like to sneak in exam questions from the textbook.
  3. Get Some Sleep – Although sleeping might not be the top priority on your list, getting some sleep is important for good studying and remembrance later on.
  4. Study Breaks – Instead of studying nonstop for hours/days at a time, make sure to take breaks when you feel like you are overwhelmed.
  5. Reorganize – A good idea is to reorganize your notes and studying tools, whether that is to color code, mark what you know separate from what you do not know, etc.
  6. Find What Studying Form Works For You – Note cards, essay, rewriting, group work, trivia, Quizlet, etc.
  7. Prioritize – When you have more than one final or exam, making sure to study for the most important or the hardest finals/exams first. It is extremely important that way you can leave the “easier” ones for more last minute.
  8. Ask Questions/Ask For Help – Sometimes asking for help and letting someone know that you are not prepared or that you are confused by something can be scary. When the last exams and assignments of the semester come around, it is important to ask for help  if you need it. It could actually make the difference between you failing and passing.

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