Why I Relay…

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Have you ever loved someone and they died and left you?
Well, I have, and that’s what it felt like when my Aunt Margaret (Bogit) passed away. That’s what I called her- Aunt Bogit.
When the terrible disease called cancer took her from us, I questioned God, Why her? But I know I shouldn’t have.
I missed her terrible, and that’s when I began to become involved in the Relay for Life- 17 years ago.
Soon afterward, my Meme and Uncle Tommy also fought battles with cancer, and I am happy to say they are survivors today; so we continue to fight to find a cure, and we will fight through the Relay for Life.
About 5 years ago, we found out my Uncle Curt had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and shortly after that God called him home.
My Momma has battled and survived skin cancer three times!
I still cry myself to sleep sometimes especially around holidays, missing these important people in my life.
I am tired of people I love so much being taken away by a disease that there has to be a cure for.
I have raised over $10,000 since I have started with the organization because I want to do my part to find a cure!
Do you Relay? I am sure you have been affected by cancer in one way or another too.
I have relayed since I was 4 years old-whether I was helping stir the Brunswick stew on the night of or hand making those purple bows for awareness.
Every year I do it, I become a better person. The excitement and joy and the feeling I get every time I sell something or raise a little more money to help find a cure-gives me hope, and maybe someone else hope.
In April is the Relay for Life- not a set date yet- but it is a night of awe, amaze, and hope.
It does not mean it is a party. It is a HUGE, wonderful gathering of people coming together, loving the Lord, supporting the cause, and fighting for a cure.
And that is why I Relay for Life!

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