Late Night Breakfast Recap

late night (Demo)

On Wednesday Dec. 6th William Peace University held its annual Late Night Breakfast. It is the kick off to exam week, a night to help students unwind and have some fun before going into full study mode.
At Late Night Breakfast students are automatically entered into a raffle just by showing up, each student gets three tickets to put in for whichever prize they wish.
This year the prizes went as followed: first was a chick flick movie basket with movies such as The Duff and The Heat and snacks you would get from a movie theatre. Second was a horror movie basket. Third, was a Peace swag basket including a hat, umbrella, camelbak water bottle, and other goodies. Fourth, was a school supplies basket. Fifth, was a waterproof JBL bluetooth speaker, and lastly was a 24 inch flatscreen tv.
To go along with the prizes was the obvious breakfast part of it which included eggs, french toast, bacon, and your choice of cereal. They also had a smoothie station going with your choice of a pina colada or banana smoothie.
There was a DJ who played jams all night and almost everyone made it out to the dance floor for at least one song.
Peace also brought in a photo booth station that offered hilarious props to make your photo even better. This year’s props were Christmas themed seeing that we are going into the holidays.
“I’ve been attending Late Night Breakfast since my freshman year,” said Ashley Johnson, senior at WPU. “It has always been a fun event to go to where you can go and take your mind off exams”
Lastly, there was the classic custom street sign booth where students had the ability to choose the word/phrase on the sign and even the color.
“I love the street sign booth,” said Taylor Byrd. “It’s something so simple, yet so cool, I love being able to add them to my room and make goofy things to put on them.”
Late Night Breakfast is a great tradition to start amongst friends where you can go hang out and get free goodies for the night while not having to stress over the upcoming exams just yet.

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