5 Start of Semester Tips

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Its that time again… whether you’re excited or dreading the new semester, it’s here.
Whether this is your first semester of college or your last, it is important to begin strong, as well as finish strong.
The past week or so has been filled with syllabi, bundles of textbooks, and starting off those long lectures. Here are five tips to make this semester start off strong, stay strong, and keep the motivation high!

  1. Make Your Schedule

Now that Winter Break is over, it’s back to being on a schedule again! Start this semester off by waking up with more than enough time to be ready for class. This way you’ll have time to eat breakfast, look over your notes, and be on time for class. Schedules are very important, especially for keeping a healthy lifestyle in college.

  1. Set Your Goals For The Semester

What do you want to achieve this semester? Is there a class that you will need to study extra hard for? What G.P.A. do you want to aim for? Make a list of your goals, print them out, and stay reminded throughout the semester.

  1. Find Your Perfect Study Spot

Have you checked out the library? It is the perfect spot to get homework, late-night studying, as well as group meetups. With two floors, there is more than enough places to find your perfect spot. While you’re there check out Peace Perks.
4. Get Ahead In Your Class
Get a planner and start organizing! Keep your syllabi handy so that you’ll know exactly when your assignments, exams, and papers are due. Write down all important events and due dates in your planner.

  1. Office Hours & Tutoring

Talking with professors and knowing their office hours and contact information are an important part of each class. By keeping their room numbers and email addresses handy, getting in touch with them with questions will be easy and quick. Tutoring is offered multiple times and for all subjects each week in the library. Keep a schedule handy!
These are just a few, but not all, tips to get a good start on your semester. Keep focused and good luck!

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