Phenomenal Pacer Snow

snow pic 1 (Demo)

A winter storm blanketed North Carolina’s largest cities with snow starting Jan. 17  morning.
Some areas around the Triangle had 7-13 inches. It was an iconic time for the good ole state of North Carolina, but it also caused schools to cancel,  car crashes, and left thousands with no power.
“I went south to avoid the snow, it’s disturbing out spring season… this is ludicrous,” senior and WPU baseball player Luke Drancsak jokingly said.
With all of the snow, many students had snow ball fights, ate snow cream, played with their fur babies, baked yummy foods, built snowmen, and made snow angels, but some snuggled, kept cozy, and relaxed.
“I hid in my bedroom for three days straight. I bonded with my roommates some, and ignored all my assignments until the last minute,” said WPU sophomore Caylan Harrison.
Students did lose power and water, but they all gained memories.
“I was worried about the weather throwing off the school schedule and making the classes speed things up too fast. Thankfully the power did not go out and I was able to work on my computer. I worked on gaming projects for my studio that I am trying to start up.  I also worked on 3d modeling work to help my modeling skills improve and I also did a few papers.  In my down time I played Warhammer 40k,” said Travis Williams, a senior majoring in simulation and game design. 
“We had power, but we kind of just had fun with each other the whole time…we did not care about class; it was just a good week we got to spend with each other without the stress of school,” Drancsak said.
Students stayed safe and had fun, but someone has made Elsa angry!

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