Living Your Best Life At The Vie

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When you first head off to college, you cannot wait to be out on your own and have your first taste of freedom. You move into your new dorm room and meet your new roommate, ready to start off the year.
At William Peace University (WPU), first and second year students are required to live on campus. After those first two years, students also have the option to leave campus or live on campus for as long as they attend WPU.
The fantastic difference between WPU and other colleges in Raleigh, is the style of on-campus living. WPU not only provides four dormitories on campus but the univeristy also owns two apartment buildings just outside of the city in the Vie at Raleigh Apartments.
The university uses these two buildings as campus housing for students-second year and up. These apartments are available to first come first serve during the housing application period, held prior to each fall semester.
According to senior member of the William Peace University baseball team, Derek Jackson, “Staying at the Vie is convenient. It’s a short drive to campus, practice, and downtown.”
Choosing to live at the Vie through WPU is a common choice for most upper class students and athletes. While living at the Vie, students have a meal plan set up with the cafeteria as well as having the luxury access to a full kitchen in the apartments.
Another feature the Vie at Raleigh offers students of WPU is a shuttle bus running to and from the apartment complex and campus every 30 minutes. This offers and alternative travel option for students to allow students to carpool and save gas.
Each apartment comes with stainless steel appliances including a refrigerator, oven,  stove top, dishwasher, and a washer/dryer unit. Students will have three roomates, with a total of four people living in each apartment. During the housing sign up period, you may request roommates but are not guaranteed to live with them.
For more information involving campus housing at William Peace University, contact Cody Greene, Area Coordinator of Residence Life, at

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