WPU Production of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Five ladies in pink bridesmaid dresses

“Five Women Wearing the Same Dress,” presented by William Peace University Theatre department, was a play that entwines friendship, drama, and a whole lot of unexpected plots and twists.
The play was brought to life Feb. 15 to 18, directed by Assistant Professor of Theatre and Musical Theatre Amy White, and stage manager Cal Bumgardner, a senior at WPU.
“This has brought so many mixed emotions for me since this is my second to last production here at Peace,” said Bumgardner.
The cast was a total of six people, five of them women. The production was held in Leggett Theatre, which brought a little bit more of an intimate setting for the actors and audience.[sidebar title=”Next Production” align=”left” background=”on” border=”all” shadow=”on”]
This was WPU’s second to last production of the 2017-2018 year. The next production “Assassins” will be April 19-22. Tickets are already on sale. To purchase tickets and find out more information on scheduled productions, go to https://wputheatre.ticketleap.com/ 
The whole production consisted of laughter, friendship, and emotional moments on how and why these five women ended up in ridiculous bridesmaid dresses.
“This cast was brilliant! Everyone worked so well together and I am going to miss it for sure,” said Bumgardner.
The cast was a variety of different WPU students, from freshmen to seniors for him this would be their last production.
“This was an amazing experience,” said Cat Hewitt, senior at WPU and cast member. “It was my first big role and the transition was really educational for me.” 
Hewitt has been a part of the theatre department throughout her undergrad experience as a stage manager.  Throughout this process, Hewitt was able to work with Bumgardner in his stage manager experience.
“Being on stage is great. Yet, it is a whole other feeling than being behind the stage,” said Hewitt.
Other cast members were freshman students such as Lilly Mills, in which this was her second production ever here at WPU.
“This production was so much fun. I really enjoyed working with the girls and it was great,” said Mills.
All cast members loved the new relationships they were able to make with this small production. 
Mills highlighted how much she enjoyed working in Leggett rather than working in Kenan Hall for this production.
“I love being able to work on a small set and being able to connect with the audience more,” said Mills.
This production was a way to get involved with the cast and connect with the characters throughout the production in different ways.
The production would make you laugh, cry, and possibly even wonder why someone would wear such a ridiculous bridesmaid dress.  

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