WPU Celebrates First African-American Quiz Bowl

two tables with teams of students who are competing

William Peace University held their first African American Quiz Bowl sponsored by WPU’s very own Black Student Union on Feb. 28.
The quiz bowl took place in Flowe 110 and students from all over campus with different backgrounds and grades were there to participate and observe the event.
“What’s awesome about this event is you are able to have fun! You also get to meet others, and see them outside of the classroom,” said WPU freshman Uniququa Swain, who also participated in the quiz bowl.
Swain is a part of the BSU and hopes that she will remain in the BSU as well as being a part of the bowl next year.
The bowl had multiple rounds that each of the teams could participate in. There were four teams of four students along with a professor mentor. Each team played two rounds and the winner would head to the champion round. This year, the winning team was the blue team.
“You gain experience by getting involved,” said WPU sophomore Deja Gainey. “Doing something like the quiz bowl, you learn about history and maybe things that could help with classes too.”
The quiz bowl contained a variety of questions that dealt with African American history through the years. Students who participated in this event prepared for almost three weeks. 
Students were asked questions that highlighted on: historical figures, songs, movies, books, rituals, and important dates, that all dealt with the history of African Americans.
“What other students can take from this is not only an increase in knowledge, but also an increase in relationships and connections with people on campus,” said Swain.
With events like this students will have things to do on campus, as well as getting involved with what is going on at WPU. The main point of the quiz bowl is to have fun and meet new people.
BSU hopes to do more events like this in the future. Events such as this promotes BSU and will hopefully encourage students to get involved with activities on campus.
“This is a great opportunity to involve yourself and to experience other cultures and to learn,” said WPU Coordinator of Academic Affairs, Tutorial Services, and BSU Adviser, Margarett Herder-Hill.
Herder- Hill also highlighted that by doing something such as the quiz bowl, students will be able to find opportunities in gaining knowledge, networking, and education.
Anyone can get involved. Students who did not participate just came in support of their friends and teammates. 
“All students are welcome to join,”  said Herder-Hill. “BSU participates in on campus activities and community service. By participating, you highlight on the importance of academics and networking.”
Many students hope that the BSU African American Quiz Bowl will take place next year and will have an increase of participants. 

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