WPU Takes Part in Nationwide School Walkout

Students and Faculty of WPU gather around during student walkout

On March 14, William Peace University students and faculty participated in their very own student walkout in remembrance of victims of the Parkland Shooting.
The walkout took place from 10 a. m – 10:17 a.m., by many students and faculty from different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life who gathered together on the Main Lawn in remembrance of the many who lost their lives.  
The significance behind the 17 minute ceremony, was a minute for each person who died in the Parkland school shooting.  
“This walkout brings awareness,” said WPU freshman Anne Shaw. “It’s not just about remembering those who lost their lives, but it’s also about bringing awareness for the need to increase gun control.”
The ceremony consisted of a remembrance to those who lost their lives, six demands and priorities that were stated by different students of the group, as well as a conclusion with the song “Amazing Grace.”
The six different policies said by the students were all policies that WPU supports. Policies that indicate banning of assault weapons, expanding background checks, and stopping Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, etc.
“Expanding background checks is most important and easy. It’s pretty basic and everyone should do it, especially when someone is buying a gun,” said WPU junior, Drew Miller.
Miller is active duty military and agrees with most of the priority policies.  Miller strongly believes that background checks need to be expanded for all gun sales.
“No one below the age of 21 should be able to buy an assault weapon. You’re not even old enough to drink. There is also need to know if there is mental health history as well,” said Miller.
Gun control has been a rising topic and concern since shootings, such as the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, and has increased ever since. 
Many other students shared the same point of views that Shaw and Miller both had, and many gathered together to express their thoughts at the walkout.
“Gun control is important, it is not organized, and something like this takes a team effort. This issue is too big to not get involved,” said Shaw. 
Events like these not only bring awareness to students of WPU, but it brings awareness across the nation. It proves a point that gun control is needed and it should no longer be put to the side.
The different demands that the WPU students expressed during the ceremony were all examples of what needs to be done to keep students across the nation safe.
Gun violence is reoccurring and many Americans each year become victims of gun violence. Whether they are students, workers, or even senior citizens, many different people are victims due to gun violence.
“With this walkout, we are bringing awareness. We will no longer be silenced, we will no longer let the government push gun violence to the side. Something needs to be done,” said Shaw.
This is only the beginning of something new for many students across the nation and it all began with a student walkout.

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