Ambitious Admission Ambassador

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Do you like representing your university? Would you like to be the face of your university? Being an Admission Ambassador is hard work because you are the face of the campus and the first impression. The duties of an ambassador isn’t difficult but you have to love your campus and what you do.  Admissions mission is to prepare their workers for careers once they graduate from peace.
My name is Shel-Kaylin Rhines and I am a senior here at William Peace University and I have been an ambassador here for 2 years now.  Being able to be the face of my university is a honor and I enjoy what I do. I love talking to the prospective students that come here and tour the campus and getting to know them and being able to share my experience with them. The best thing about working in admissions is that the staff treat us just like staff and not studies, and they show their appreciation with just a simple “thank you,” they throw parties for use, and we also get gifts on occasions.
Did I mention that we have the best attire on campus? Well yes we do and when people see us in uniform they love it. When we have admitted student day I am filled with joy when I see students that come back and are considering coming to Peace. I believed that sharing my experience and giving them a great tour had a impact on them. It really feels good to see that your hard work wasn’t in vain.
Have you made up your mind yet? If so apply now and become an ambassador and make them coins.

  • Ambassadors will help the Admissions staff during their schedule, assisting with tours, phones, mailings, meeting with students and parents, and other duties are assigned.
  • WPU Ambassadors should be prepared to answer questions regarding the application process, housing, campus life, student organizations, events, etc.
  • Conducting scheduled tours each week. Ambassadors will play a large role in helping prospective students by phone, mail, email, social media, and with personal visits.
  • Each Ambassador must assist with the Recruitment events that are hosted by the Office of Admissions. This includes Open House, Accepted Student Day, Scholarship Recognition Reception, etc.
  • Ambassadors may be asked to attend Recruitment Events with Admissions Counselors outside of campus.


  • Must be a full-time WPU undergraduate student.
  • Must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative average while employed.
  • No student may be a Student Ambassador Leader while on academic or disciplinary probation as defined by the WPU Student Code of Conduct.

Check your emails under Peace Pulse and it will be the first link there to apply.
First training session is April 21st at Open House and you will shadow a current Ambassador.

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