Celebrities Slam Snapchat For Posts and New Updates

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Ever since Snapchat broke the internet a few years ago, It has been ranked as one of the top social media sites out there! However, recently due to a new Snapchat update completely taking a 360 degree turn it’s been driving users CRAZY!
Features for this app gave Snapchat a whole new look which is said to make staying in touch with friends easier along with keeping up with your favorite celebrities.
One screen is solely dedicated to your friends and their stories which will be listed as a circular story by their names that you’re able to watch along with creating group stories with friends.  The downside about this new feature is your friends list is not in any kind of order.
The profile screen can be accessed pressing the top-left icon which will show your personal story along with your notifications and settings.
Lastly, the discover screen is where you’ll be able to locate the celebrities you follow along with friends who’ve made their story public along with other featured and local Snapchat channels such as ESPN or BuzzFeed that you’re able to subscribe/unsubscribe to.
Asking fellow Peace Pacers about the new Snapchat update, Savannah Totten, junior and communications major thinks, “the new Snapchat update is better, the update before the most recent one I hated but since they have changed it to where you can see everyone’s stories again I don’t mind it!”
One other source, volleyball player Josie Richardson senior, majoring in Criminal Justice feels, “the new Snapchat update is God awful! They need to go back to the old Snapchat and fast; this one is too complicated.”
Aside from these new features annoying users, Snapchat has previously run into issues regarding suspected racist/stereotypical filters.
In April 2016, Snapchat was slammed for their Bob Marley filter. It’s said that this filter enhanced your selfie by adding dreadlocks, a colorful hat along with a brown skin filter to appear darker than average.
One other filter that raised eyebrows was the yellow face filter featured in Aug 2016. This filter was argued that it was a caricatured Asian facial feature and appeared as stereotypical.
When it comes to social media celebrities are huge fans of Snapchat however with this new update, celebrities have turned their back on Snap completely and never looked back. As of Feb 2018, there are roughly 187 million daily users.
Aside from the new update, a poll advertisement featured on Snapchat March 24 asks: “Would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown” has raised eyebrows for many, ESPECIALLY Rihanna herself. Of course this dates back to the domestic violence between the two in 2009 and she immediately began to rant on Instagram.
After ranting on “the gram” about how offensive the post was along with highlighting that intimate partner violence is NOT a joking matter, Snapchat’s stocks dropped to roughly $800 million.
Known for her lyrical husband John Legend, model and culinary chef Chrissy Teigen has also recently slammed Snap not only for the recent Rihanna poll, but she agrees with other users that the new update sucks and it makes it difficult for her fans and others to find her. With these complications, she’s given up Snapchat completely.
One other celebrity, the lip kit artist Kylie Jenner, has also had her share of words with Snapchat via Twitter. Criticizing Snap’s new update and features on Twitter, this tweet cost snapchat to lose close to $1 billion dollars in market value.
Reverting back to the Peace community, Totten believes that the Rihanna poll was indeed offensive. Agreeing with Totten, Josie also believes that it was extremely offensive.
She adds,“this is something that shouldn’t be brought up as a joke, especially being that they underwent a case of IPV it should not be a joking matter.”
Addressing Snapchat and its issues regarding its new update along with celebrities continuing to slam Snap for every little thing, Totten and Richardson both can agree that regardless of the new update, they continue to use Snap daily although Richardson does not like the new update; “it just made it worse!”
After this recent poll about Chris Brown and Rihanna and the B.S Snap has been through these last few months, is Snapchat taking a tumble down the ladder? With Snapchat gaining popularity over the last few years, is it time to call it quits? Will there be another social media site coming soon to yet again break the internet?

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