WPU Seniors Highlight Their College Experience

Class of 2018 Graphic Design

With the semester winding down, seniors at William Peace University are counting the days left until graduation. With nothing left but final exams and final projects, it’s time to buckle down prior to the big day.  
Former WPU women’s basketball player, DeJah Cheatham, graduating in May with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, reflected on her years at WPU.
“College is all of what you make it. I loved my college experience,” she said. “Yes, it did get stressful, and there were a hand full of nights where I was up until three or four in the morning. However, able to gain the skill of perseverance and ultimately achieving the outcome of saying ‘I am a college graduate’ makes it all worth it.”
One popular Pacer who’s currently running for Mr. Peace and to be your Student Commencement Speaker, Gary Dyer, also reflected on his life here at WPU.
“This semester for me was easier yet harder at the same time. It was easier because I don’t have as many final exams to study for, but it’s also harder because I’ve got final projects instead.”
After four long years of PDS every year, statistics, internship, and extracurriculars, it’s time for our seniors to say farewell to WPU and on to bigger and better adventures.  
With Raleigh being known for having an urgency to hire young adults within the marketplace, roughly 90 percent of WPU graduates either obtain a job immediately after college or are considering graduate school.
While many come from different areas of the US and other parts of the world, we all came together as a community and made WPU what it is today.
As we send our seniors off to go into the world with more knowledge and experience, a few fellow Pacers told what they plan to do after graduation and reflected on their lives as college students at WPU.
“As far as my plans for after college, I choose to work and test the waters in different areas of work to see where I’d like to be permanently in life,” said Dyer. “Overall, my college experience was great, I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built at Peace and the resources available to me.”
Majoring in Liberal Studies while also minoring in Communications and History, Dyer mentions that the best part of college for him was networking, building relationships, and finding himself as a student and as a man. 
“Capitalize on the resources that are avaliable, don’t waste time, make to-do lists and stay on top of your responsibilities,” Dyer advised and wishes to pass on to other colleagues.
“Use your time wisely. It may seem like you have a lot more time in college, but time flies and soon you will be short on it.” said Cheatham, while also giving advice to Pacers.
Highlighting the experiences of these college seniors, we laugh, we cry, we bid thee farewell and wish them good luck on their entrance into adulthood. Don’t forget to vote for student commencement speaker and CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS!

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