Jordan Peele Makes History

Writer, comedian, and actor Jordan Peele is no stranger to the limelight or pop media. Since his rise on comedy central performing hilariously funny skits alongside Keegan-Michael Key, on their hit TV show “Key & Peele”
But he established his presence in a different category this past year, with writing and directing his first Horror film, “Get Out”. Known for its social subliminal consciousness, and unique storyline it quickly became a culture classic, as well as defining moment of Peele’s career.

It received the first ever 100 percent rating given by Rotten Tomatoes, signifying it as being one the best, if not the best movie releases of the year.
This past March, his debut film was nominated for four awards at the Academy Awards. Including “best picture”, “best director”, “best original play”, and “best actor”.
Peele made his history on that night, March 9, becoming the first black man to win “Best Original Screenplay” award. He is the fourth to be nominated among the likes of icon, Spike Lee.
Jordan Peele not only did something for the culture. He also made us proud with such a achievement.
Since winning, the director has admitted to being open and likely making a sequel to his debut film.
With less than a $4.5 million budget, the movie grossed $250 million, becoming one of the most profitable movies of all time.
Jordan Peele has since declared his intention to retire from acting, stating “acting is just nowhere near as fun for me than directing.”
We can only expect plenty success and more culture shocking films from the director.
Whether it is horror, comedy, or any genre he embarks on, one thing is sure for- the 39 year old with great insight, and imagination just getting started.

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