Pacers Engage in Purpose@Peace

Balloons in an arch, with tables behind them, with a guy standing in front.

William Peace University held its annual Engagement Fair, known as Purpose @ Peace this year, on Sept. 5 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
There were numerous clubs, programs, organizations from the Peace community, along with Raleigh businesses spread throughout Main Lawn sitting at tables waiting for students to come up to them. Each table was uniquely set up catered to what each group does. Many tables had giveaways, prizes, signup sheets, business cards, and more.
Although it was a hot day, many students said it was a fun and educational experience.
“It was fun walking around and talking to all the different people who were there,” stated WPU sophomore Skylar Conklin. “I enjoyed how there was a lot of free prizes, food, and information. There were even some free raffles.”
This event is more than just freebies. It provides the students of WPU a chance to explore different majors and helps them become more involved on campus. Most of the students that attended Purpose @ Peace stated that this event helps them learn more about everything they can be involved in, in relation to the Peace community.
Sophomore volleyball player Bergin Gillespie says that she thinks that the Engagement Fair was very helpful and that she learned a lot about the different clubs and organizations that she can get involved in this academic year.
“Getting to see all the different clubs that I can join was really helpful, especially since I didn’t even know about some of them until I went,” says Gillespie.
SAAC, CAB, SGA, The Peace Times, Anthropology Club are just a few clubs and organizations that were set up at this event. There were so many different areas covered, that every student should been able to find at least one thing they connected with.

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