La Fiesta del Pueblo Comes to Downtown

Male holding a book at a festival

One of the greatest things about living in downtown Raleigh is that there are always fun events happening in downtown.  This past weekend was La Fiesta del Pueblo, Raleigh’s annual Latinx festival. Here are what some William Peace University students’ thought.
La Fiesta del Pueblo has taken place in downtown Raleigh for 25 years.  All of Fayetteville Street was lined up with various vendors, from different local Hispanic restaurants, clothing vendors, voting registration, and various local businesses.  
“It was really interesting! The food was great and so was the atmosphere. I also really liked the music, it’s great to see people come together with music,” said WPU sophomore Samuel Hardison.
The festival itself stretched from the State Capitol all the way to the Raleigh Convention Center. All the vendors at the event included local Hispanic restaurants. One of those restaurants was The Corner, a Venezuelan food truck. At some WPU events such as Peace Preview you can find The Corner and try some of their delicious authentic Venezuelan cuisine.
Some other vendors you could find there were business and non-businesses such as, ABC News 11, GoTriangle, Human Rights Campaign, North Carolina Political Parties, NC Department of Justice, and nearly 30 other vendors.
“It’s a good idea for political parties to be there. It gives the people a chance to look at the different options they have,” said WPU sophomore Juan Pleitez and North Carolina political commentator. “It’s not only a way for people to be educated about different members running this fall, but it’s also a chance for members to learn about their community.”
La Fiesta del Pueblo is not only a place to go and get off campus for a while. It is also a great time to learn different things about other cultures. While the food maybe great, it is still amazing to see other different people, with different backgrounds come together to dance and to get to know one another.
It is also a great time to try new things and explore the wide variety of cultures within the downtown Raleigh area, just a couple blocks away from campus.
“It was great being able to go there and look at some of my family’s roots. I was able to learn about some of my family’s Honduran traditions,” said Hardison.
The key idea of the event was to not only bring different cultures together and educate the public, but to also keep La Fiesta del Pueblo a free event.
The organization that host, La Fiesta del Pueblo, El Pueblo had several tents at the festival asking the public to donate to their cause for the annual festival to remain free to the public every year.
If the event were to start costing people upfront it would probably affect the amount of attendance at the festival. The amount of attendance was affected this year due to Hurricane Florence. Hopefully, next year La Fiesta del Pueblo will still be free and have more attendees.

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