NC State Fair is Almost Here

Food booth at the North Carolina

The annual North Carolina State Fair is right around the corner. The opening day of the fair will be Oct. 11, which will kick off the 164 annual NC State Fair.
With the attendance from the 2017 Fair at 1,014,478 fairgoers, it must make you think what draws all these people.  Don’t miss all of the great things that it has to offer such as neon lights, carnival games, free things, all types of food, games, and animals.
“I love the atmosphere of the fair, all of the lights and all of the games,” said WPU senior, Kacy Haithcock.
When being surrounded in a good atmosphere at the fair and around people who are always smiling and laughing, it is hard not to have a good time. The smell and taste of the food is also a can’t miss. The fresh kettle corn being made, cotton candy fresh out of the bag, or the chicken legs cooking on the grill, nothing compares to the smell of food at the fair. There is something for everyone.

For people who crave sweets the fair offers endless options. Caramel apples, fried snickers, reese’s, oreos, twinkies, caramel corn, funnel cake, homemade ice cream, and so much more.
“Eating food at the fair is the best part of the fair. You can always find something and it is like you never get full,” said WPU junior, Parker Fernstrum.
All that is left is to find the right day to go. Opening day is Thursday, but if that day does not work, try Oct. 18. When bringing cans of non perishable food, admission is free. This is sponsored by Food Lion in honor of helping people in need, called Hunger Relief Day.
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