Satisfy your Taste Buds at a New Attraction: Food Halls

Words in yellow and red that say Food Hall Morgan Street

Imagine this: A place that is totally devoted to all things food. No clothing stores or gift stores. Just food. Have you got the image in your head yet? You do not have to imagine any longer because food halls are sweeping across the area.
You might be asking how a food hall is different from a food court. Food courts are meant to keep busy shoppers fed probably so they can go and buy more things after they eat. Food halls are a collection of local restaurants and a place for food trucks to have a sit down restaurant.
Instead of this being a place where you just pass through, food hall owners want a different type of atmosphere at these establishments.
“It’s experience-driven, it’s being in the same place, interacting with people,” Jason Queen told the News and Observer.
Jason Queen is a lead partner in Transfer Co., one of two Raleigh food halls. Along with transfer and Co, Morgan Street Food Hall will be joining them in Raleigh.  Durham, North Carolina will be hosting a food hall that will be moving into Old Liberty Warehouse. Extending to Chapel Hill, North Carolina we have Blue Dogwood that has occupied a former grocery store on Franklin St.
Morgan Street Food Hall has been open since early summer and is located in Raleigh’s warehouse district. They have a variety of restaurants that pride themselves on using locally grown and sourced food. Just in case you are interested in what restaurants are in Morgan Street Food Hall, here are a few: Boba Brew Bubble Tea and Smoothies, Cousins Maine Lobster, and Caroll’s Kitchen.
In July they expanded into retail. The numerous shops they have give you an opportunity to take some yummy handmade foods home.  
They also have two bars: The Abor and Auntie Betty’s. The Arbor features an indoor and outdoor patio space. Aunt Betty’s features a small gin and cocktail bar.
Morgan Street Food Hall is open Sunday through Wednesday from 7am until 10pm and Thursday through Saturday from 7am until 2am.

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