Seaboard Station Property Update

Seaboard Station Road Sign

William Peace University’s President Dr. Brian Ralph stated in March that the master plan for the selling of Seaboard Station and its surrounding properties that are partially owned by Peace, is to maintain local businesses, develop residential properties, allow for future growth vitality of the retailers, and most importantly, enhance the campus experience.

“I am excited about the impact Harris Teeter will have on William Peace University, and community,” stated President Ralph in a letter to the WPU community.

With its efforts of scouring for potential buyers of the newly vacant land, Peace and their property management company, TradeMark Properties,  have successfully reached a deal with Harris Teeter, Inc., a popular supermarket chain based in Matthews, NC.

With the succession of the property being sold two years ago, buzz around the start of the construction of the popular chain remains unclear.

“Currently, we are working very closely with Harris Teeter about their future with Seaboard, and of downtown Raleigh,” said Rocky Yearwood, WPU Vice President for Administration & Chief Financial Officer.

According to local news reports, the deal between Peace and Harris Teeter remains. Both parties are committed to Seaboard, adding that the grocery chain has delayed its opening to consider future development of the property and help start discussions with new potential buyers.

“We are currently negotiating with other potential buyers for the sale of Seaboard,” said Yearwood. “Our hopes and expectations of this partnership is to bring a positive impact for Peace as well as the surrounding community, and all of downtown Raleigh.”

Taylor Whitfield, restaurant manager of Donatos at Seaboard Station, has high hopes for the arrival of Harris Teeter and shares thoughts with campus leaders on the future of Seaboard.

“We’re hoping that it will bring more exposure to Seaboard so that there are more people who will come to the area,” said Whitfield. “Seaboard is kind of secluded so with Harris Teeter coming here [it] will definitely bring more traffic to us [Seaboard Retail tenants],” adds Whitfield.

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