Kanye Meets Trump

Kanye West is an innovator, creator of great music, and is one of the most influential stars in music. West has created waves in the music industry that has produced many artists and led them to have successful careers.
His brand “Yezzy” is a favorite among young millennial’s in this generation. I’m sure he has inspired many young people to achieve their dreams and not be afraid to think outside the box. However, in my opinion, Kanye West has fallen off the totem pole and dove into a realm of hypocrisy, prejudice, and bigotry.
Recently, West went to the White House and spoke with Donald Trump. West spoke on issues within the black community and also issues of America. In past years, West has been a key advocate and voice for African-Americans. From telling the world that Beyoncé had the best video over Taylor Swift and saying that George Bush doesn’t care about black people after Hurricane Katrina, that version of West is clearly long gone.
In the conversation with Trump, West speaks about how he wants to bring jobs and factories back to the United States. He believes with Trump’s knowledge of industry and capital, his Yeezy brand can advance to new heights. Is that what it’s all about, Kanye?
It’s not about helping Chicago (which he alludes to multiple time) or advancing America as a whole. It’s about how he can advance his brand and become a billionaire himself. Another problem is when West speaks on how he looks up to Donald Trump, Ralph Lauren, Walt Disney, etc. The issue isn’t him having idols that he looks up to, but that everyone he looks up to are white billionaires.
I believe that sends the wrong message to young black kids in our current generation. West needs to understand that his voice is influential and he should be cognizant of the consistency of the things he says. There is never a mention of black entrepreneurs or billionaires ever.
From West, we hear about how he sings praises to Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuchenburg, and Warren Buffett. There is never a mention of Mike Adenuga, Aliko DSangote, Oprah Winfrey, Folorunsho Alakija, or other African or African-Americans.
West talks about police brutality as well in the conversation with Trump. West states that we should be loving and bring comfort to police officers who have done wrong and killed African-Americans. Afterwards, he states that African-Americans should take responsibility for why there is police misconduct. West’s comments are insensitive and absolutely disrespectful. West stereotypes African-American behavior to make it out to be something that’s not true.
He said blacks think everything is racist, which makes officers feel uncomfortable and force them to use force against us. He never once mentioned anything about the lives lost in African-American families. He never once offered a solution to the problem nor will he.
The media wants us to feel like West is this genius with all the answers; instead, I think he is a lost human being that has been infiltrated by racist white men who use him as a pawn to achieve their agenda.     

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