10 Things to Remember During Finals

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The last week of class is a week and a half away, which means finals are just around the corner. Finals week is a week of mix emotions for college students. Here are ten things you might want to remember during finals.

  • Get lots of sleep!

While some of us find it easy to lose track of time, making sure that your body gets at least six hours of sleep to perform properly is crucial. According to helpguide.org “Your quality of sleep can affect not only your physical and mental health, but as well as your emotional balance, heart health, and immune system.” With that, be sure to at least get six hours of sleep.

  • Avoid greasy food!

Eating fast-food can increase mental distress. Studies have shown that high consumptions of fast-food link to anxiety. Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetable intake and decreasing your carbohydrates intake, can impact your mental performance on exam day in a positive way. Take care of yourself!
During finals, it’s easy to put yourself on the backburner. Remember it’s okay to make yourself priority and take a break from studying occasionally.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Help is very crucial, especially during a time when your studying more than one subject in a study session. However, if you ever need help, don’t be afraid to ask, email your professor, or contact a friend that might have the same class as you. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. It is not a weakness! 

  • Please remember that your grades do not define you!

Everyone has different learning styles. If your best is achieving an A+ than do it. If your best is a C+ than do it! Everyone’s best is different, don’t let a test score make your nervous.

  • Breathing is fundamental!

Take a deep breath…. inhale…..now exhale. Everything will be alright. Everything is going to work out in the end. The exam will be studied for, the paper will be written, the final project will be completed. You can do all these things with the assistance of your lung.

  • Your family will still love you if you don’t get an A

Look at you! You’re at a private university getting a higher education, learning new life skills, making it one semester closer to graduation! Everyone couldn’t be prouder of you! Remember no one is perfect, you got this!

  • Find a study groove for you!

Some people can study better in a library, some do better in their rooms, while some can study in a public coffee shop. Whatever place is your “happy place” while you are studying, find it! This will help you in the long run and it might make your studying process better!

  • Try to have a little fun!

It’s not all work! “All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy!”

  • Stay positive!

Winter break is just around the corner! There is a long break in front of you, just make it through this final stretch, you got this! 

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