Giving Thanks After Thanksgiving


This time of year can be very stressful, especially for college students, as final projects, exams, and papers pile up. It’s the middle of a busy holiday season that tends to be chaotic with so much to do and such little time to do it.
As Thanksgiving break is over and students are preparing for the end of the semester, there is still so much to be thankful for everyday that can sometimes get overlooked. Here are 10 things to be thankful for everyday.

  • Support system.

Whether your support system is your family or new family you have made while attending college, having a support system is important, especially for students.  

  • Friends.

Having friends is something to be super thankful and grateful for as this makes going through life easier and more enjoyable.

  • Being able to get an education.

Even though college is super stressful at times, being able to get an education is a huge gift to be thankful for.

  • Being able to follow your passion.

As college students, you may have at least an idea of what you want to major in or hopefully have as a career in the future. Being able to pursue passions and turn that into a career is nothing short of a wonderful feeling.

  • Weekends.

Even though waking up to go to class everyday can be enjoyable for some students, the weekends are always something to look forward to. Weekends include a little more downtime or catching up on homework. Whatever weekends consist of, be thankful that there’s a switch in day-to-day activities and a little more time to relax and sip coffee.  

  • Freedom.

There are numerous freedoms that we can enjoy. Whether this is your own free-will, or freedom and rights as a country, we should never take for granted the freedom that we have everyday.

  • Creativity.

In classes everyday, we are pushed to expand our creativity. While some students have a more creative mind than others, we all push our creativeness in some way each day. Being creative is one of the most fascinating traits because that makes us as individuals stand out.

  • Curiosity.

College years is a time of being curious. You leave what you’re used to and get more curious about life. Being curious is one of the best things that life has to offer because that means there’s no limit to what you can know and learn.

  • Diversity.

If the world was all the same, it would be a boring world. Diversity makes for more conversations, more knowledge, and more opportunities to get to know things outside of our own world.

  • Challenges.

While attending college, there are challenges each day. Instead of thinking that something is too hard of a challenge, we should accept it, learn from the challenge, and try to overcome it.
Even though Thanksgiving is over and we are now just trying to get through finals, we should take time to think of everything we have in our life that allows us to be thankful and grateful everyday.

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