WPU Snow Day Affects Students' Finals Schedule

View of Main lawn at William Peace University in the snow

Snow days are always fun at William Peace University. However, with finals in full effect some students found it inconvenient.
Some areas in the triangle received about five inches of snow early Sunday morning. Many Pacers woke up later Sunday morning and saw snow right outside their window. Fortunately, no one lost power or heat, and for students who stayed on campus, dining hall hours were flexible.
WPU’s finals week started this past Friday, but many in the Triangle knew that weather could possibly interfere with their exams. WPU will be on a two-hour delay on Monday Dec. 10.
“Luckily, the delay does not interfere with my exams, but I do know some people are not happy about the delay,” said Samuel Hardison, sophomore at WPU.
For student, staff, and faculty safety, WPU’s two-hour delay is most definitely a necessity since many live all over the Triangle region. However, WPU is still making it priority that students must complete their final exams.
Some students wanted to leave tomorrow to begin their winter break and the delay has put a hindrance on their departure.
“I knew that the snow wasn’t going to cause a full closure tomorrow,” said Jayda Bernard, WPU sophomore. “But, it still stinks, because people are trying to leave, but they can’t until the next day or even Thursday.”
While some are upset that the delay might make things slow down, others see it as an opportunity to enjoy themselves and study more.  
“I’m actually thankful for the snow day because it gives me extra time to study for an exam I was really stressed out about,” said Heather Toone, sophomore at WPU.
Students taking 8am exams on Dec. 10 will now be taking their exam at 8am on Thursday Dec. 13.
“One of my buddies was actually trying to leave on Tuesday but they cannot now because their final that was supposed to be tomorrow is now on Thursday,” said Hardison.
Luckily, many students were not affected by the delay and are still able to proceed with their winter break plans.
“I was so happy that the snow didn’t affect the scheduling of my exams,” said Juan Pleitez. “However, I can’t imagine not being able to start your break until days later due to the delay.”
For WPU students who stay on campus, many will proceed with their regular exam schedules. For most, the snow day didn’t necessarily affect them in a positive or negative way.
“Even with the two-hour delay I’m still pretty stressed out about my finals and how well I’m going to do,” said Bernard.  
“Even though the snow might seem as an inconvenience. It’s still pretty great that I was able to take a break from studying and go outside and enjoy the snow,” said Hardison.
Students, whether the snow has you feeling pretty good or feeling uneasy, be sure to go outside and enjoy the snow. Take a break from studying and enjoy yourself.
Be safe, have fun, and good luck on all your finals.

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