Winter Weather Conditions Continue in the Triangle

Snow covering main lawn at William Peace University and downtown in the background

Winter weather caused William Peace University to close Dec. 10 and move Monday finals to Thursday Dec. 13.
Many WPU students were shocked about the weather conditions that have happened in the last 24 hours.
“I live in Maryland. Going home has been a big ordeal to say the least,” said WPU junior Sydney Brown. “Having a good portion of my exams postponed has made everything complicated to say the least.”
Many out of state students have had to make last minute travel plans with their families. Some have had to postpone flights or even cancel them.
“Thank God my family didn’t get me a plane ticket. I can’t imagine some of the things other out of state students are having to go through,” said Brown.
Even some students who stay in the area are having a hard time knowing how the weather will be for the next couple of days.
“I felt like I’ve been screwed over,” said Tatianna Brown, junior at WPU. “I’m a commuter. I was mentally preparing myself to take an exam today and the moment I get on campus I’m told everything is cancelled for today.”
Other universities in the Triangle area have come up with alternative exam schedules for students during the winter storms.
North Carolina State University has extended their exams until Saturday Dec. 15. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has suspended operations and are only staying open for mandatory operations. Duke University has suspended operations as well.  
“State did move their exams till Saturday. Yet, what’s going to happen if tomorrow is cancelled? What are we going to do then,” said Brown.
For most WPU students who had an 8am exam scheduled for Monday and have to stay until Thursday, they are now seeing they are not the only ones affected by the winter storm.
“My final for eight o’clock this morning was moved to Thursday,” said Kassie Burton, Junior at WPU. “At first it was a select group of people, but now it’s pretty much everyone.”
Many students are trying to look at the brighter side of things and seeing the cancelation as an extra day to study.
“One of my exams for today was a presentation,” said Burton. “I’m just trying to take everything with a grain of salt at this point.”
WPU is still monitoring the winter weather and is continuing to work and inform students, faculty, and staff with any other information related to finals and the weather.
However, many students are still wondering if the weather will get any better by tomorrow morning.
“The weather is supposed to get below freezing tonight,” said Brown. “I’ll hate it if finals are postponed yet again. This whole thing has been a huge inconvenience.”
“One moment I’m telling my family I can come home this day and now I’m coming home on another day,” said Brown. “My parents both work fulltime. It’s not like they just drop everything and come get me.”
Keep looking on social media and register for Pacer alerts for any changes regarding the weather.

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