Nice Price Jr Turns Up the Volume in Historic Oakwood

Nice Price Jr store front

William Peace University record collectors and tape heads now have a convenient place to visit without having to drive or use the bus.
Raleigh-Durham area book and record store chain, Nice Price Books, expanded into Historic Oakwood on Oct. 26 with a soft opening. The store is only an 11 minute walk from William Peace University, so it is perfect for students and faculty to visit during free time.
According to INDY Weekly, Nice Price Books was originally founded in Carrboro, North Carolina in 1992. Before Nice Price Junior opened, it was actually located on Hillsborough Street next to Cup A Joe and there was also a location in Durham, North Carolina.
However, the Durham store location closed in 2016 and the original Nice Price Books shut its doors in 2013 due to economic hardships caused by the early to mid 2010 decline of used book stores. 
The store is now located in a small building in Suite 103 on 222 North Bloodworth Street to the left of the Anisette Sweet shop and in the middle of a small neighborhood. When customers walk in, it is a miniature version of the original store located on Hillsborough Street with more records and tapes than there are books.
According to the News and Observer, the store on North Bloodworth street was created as a buffer in case they would have to move due to the constant redevelopment projects on Hillsborough Street.
The store is run by managers Alli B. and Enoch Marchant, who can usually be seen at the counter (and soon to be bottled beer bar) at the front entrance of the store. Marchant, who is in charge of ordering new records and used books and records, has worked with Nice Price Books since 2002,  and says that the location fell onto their laps.
“Our pals at Anisette (check them out) reached out to us when they learned the spot was coming open,” said Marchant. “They thought we could work well together.”
Marchant believes that Nice Price Books can benefit from the miniature store format, as it can be used as an experiment for new ideas before being implemented to the main location, and would love for Peace students to come down to Nice Price Junior to look at the records, hang out, and talk to the employees.
“It will be a small and hopefully relaxing place to have a drink or two while listening to records or reading,” said Marchant.

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