Signs and Seats

Signage in Cafe (Demo)
The café redesign was an exciting addition to start off the spring semester of this year. It’s a graphic and colorful design that was not expected by many of the returning students.

“It was exciting to be a part of the process of being able to contribute to the design in the café and also hear feedback from the students,” said Joyce Richardson, a member of the Sodexo staff.
When it came to the design of the café along with the staff having some input into what happens, there was also some communication from the campus community along with what they think would have been a significant contribution to the café.
Many did not expect the design of the café to be completed so quickly since it was just last semester the Sodexo staff took to social media and asked the campus community about what changes they would like to see in the café. It was an instant success with students with their feedback about some of the upcoming changes around the cafe.
Not only was it interesting to see the redesigned café it was also alluring to learn that someone on the Sodexo team themselves worked on and completed some of the signage around the cafeteria. There are multiple different areas in the café that has multiple handmade signage created to increase the appeal of the café.
Many students were intrigued and appreciative when discovering that many of the signage was hand created by Kim Daughtry, a staff member and marketing coordinator for our Sodexo staff. She created an environment that was welcoming to both the students, staff and faculty members. The popularity of the café has grown tremendously.
“I love the look of the café. It looks brighter and more inviting to students. It makes me want to be there more which is very nice” Heather Toone, a sophomore at Peace, commented
This new addition to the café was the splash of color and improved signage that brightened up many of the students and staff members around the campus and made it more welcoming to anyone passing through or by it.
“The cafe has become an area that I can go and do work after hours while  also enjoying the environment that was not present and as welcoming in the previous semester.” said Dallan Russell, a freshman at Peace.
Not only is the cafe a place where you can eat and enjoy the company of your peers. It is also an area where you come after hours and use as a study area if needed. Many students have used this area as a way to have a new place to do there work if needed.

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