Pacer Playlist-Valentine's Day Edition

Week of 02/11

This week for your Pacer Playlist, I had a full set of songs picked out just for you. I was ready to drop the firey-est fire that I could drop here, and into your music library, but then I remembered…
Friday is Valentine’s Day!
So instead of half the songs I had, I dropped some different fire in the playlist; I themed this whole list to Valentine’s Day, or just…love, or lack thereof in general. Maybe Valentine’s Day is not your thing; maybe half of these songs you can’t relate to. I will promise you that it’s still fire.
1. Moderation: Florence+ The Machine
Florence+The Machine returned surprisingly to fans, rolling into 2019 with two new songs, after a six-month-long silence. On this track, lead singer Florence expresses her dismay at her inability to control her love for her other half. 10/10 recommend for a song to get you excited for your date.
2. Where Were You In the Morning?-Remix: Shawn Mendes, KAYTRANADA
Shawn Mendes is most known for his soft vocals, and R&B style, which generally works well with the acoustic guitar he tends to utilize in his songs. What Canadian DJ Kaytranada did is take that out and rewrite the bass line, adding higher accent tones and melodies to make the question “Where Were You In the Morning?” a little less melancholy. After all, sometimes stuff happens, but it is Valentines Day.
3. Too Bad: Rival Sons
In case you thought hard rock was dead, Rival Sons have returned with a breakup song for that ex who’s a bit too wishy-washy. When you’ve finally had enough of their back and forth, guitarist Scott Holiday has a chord that will strike deep within your soul, for you to say you’re over it
4. Bad Habit: Ben Platt
If you’re familiar with musical theatre, you may remember Ben Platt from the ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ soundtrack; if you’re familiar with musical movies in the slightest, you may remember Ben Platt as the awkward magician room-mate,(who later turned Treble Clef) in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movie series. If you are the latter, like me, you probably didn’t know that this man could sing. Bad Habit was just released February 1st, and to be quite honest, may put you in your feelings; in it, Platt speaks of a lover he can’t help but need in his life, despite the things they’ve been through. Take the lyrics how you want, but sometimes you really just need to think.
5. Damage: PARTYNEXTDOOR, Halsey
This song is older, on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s album ‘Seven Days’, but it’s still a really fun love song, that you and bae may have fun chilling and listening to this Valentine’s Day.
6. Scorpio: Lostboycrow
We all hear the zodiac jokes about being a Scorpio, but the one thing that is said to be common about Scorpios is that they are extremely sensual and passionate individuals. Pop artist Lostboycrow pushes this same passion and sensuality throughout this song of love and affection for his partner. Romantic and relaxed, Lostboycrow is a definite listen this Valentines Day.
7. FFYL: Quinn XCII
Quinn XCII is vaguely reminiscent of 2009 Mike Posner (sans the whisper-singing) but it’s because, like Posner, he began to take his music career more seriously when he was in college. In this 2015 release, he speaks about making an effort to FFYL (Fight For Your Love), even though convenience is suggesting he do otherwise. Truly relatable content for some.
8. Low Key(feat. Tyga): Ally Brooke, Tyga
Low key, I personally have to resist the urge to meme rapper Tyga whenever I get the chance; however, the redeeming factor of this song is that it’s fun. Released at the end of January, Ally Brooke (from girl group Fifth Harmony), adds light pop vocals to a Latin beat and imperfect cadence, that make it… a lot of fun. And pretty cute. Tyga’s feature makes this song slightly similar to ‘Havana’ in structure, but if you have a crush this Valentine’s Day this may fit for you.
9. What I Know Now(feat. Wiz Khalifa): THEY., Wiz Khalifa
R&B group THEY. have been making music since 2015. This 2018 release with rapper Wiz Khalifa is empowering, with their lyrics reminding you to stay true to you yourself, regardless of what people say. After all, you have to truly love yourself before you can love others, they say.
10. Women: Florida Georgia Line, Jason Derulo
I admit I’m not a fan of country music, however, there is a special place in my heart for both Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo. Both of these artists have made their rounds in the mainstream, however, the marriage of the soulful voices and the message of appreciating women (all women, the girlfriends, sisters, friends, wives, educators, and mothers around you) work very well.

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