TAG! – Game Picks for 2019

So, winter is on its way out, and we are now a week away from spring. Last year was a pretty good year for games as a whole, with several titles pushing the envelope of immersive storytelling, and grand adventures, as well as heartwarming indie stories. As it stands now, with many games having already announced for 2019, here are a few games I’m looking forward to.
But first, a forewarning. Everyone remembers what happened with No Mans Sky, right? As a recap; A few trailers were shown, a few big promises made, and everyone went wild. They hyped each other up, and up, and up. And when the game; finally, released and was nowhere near what everyone had inflated it to in their minds, the game came crumbling down. Needless to say, it seems that since then everyone has more or less learned their lesson for hyping games up without supple evidence to support it, but you should always be careful.
Right-o, let’s get started. The first two games are going to be put together because they have many similarities. Both have no confirmed release date, though are almost certainly going to be coming in 2019, both are from extremely well-respected developers, and both are no doubt going to be groundbreaking in some way (we can hope at least!). The two games, Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding” and CD Projekt RED’s “Cyberpunk 2077”, are shaping up to be nothing short of amazing from what little we have seen so far. Do keep in mind the forewarning, but I am allowing myself to be at least a bit excited about these. We have seen much more of Cyberpunk 2077, including a 48-minute walkthrough/gameplay, which was spectacular, and that you can watch here:

The 48-minute video is more informative than I could ever be, and as they say; seeing is believing. As for Death Stranding, a few new trailers have gotten dedicated fans formulating theories for the wild ride the game will no doubt be. As always, the ever-mysterious Hideo Kojima is keeping his lips sealed as to what the game will entail. Recommended viewing are as follows; The E3 2018 trailer, and TGS (Tokyo Game Show) Trailer:


Next up, FromSoftware’s “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.” Originally a sequel to an old FromSoft game, Tenchu Stealth Assassin, Sekiro evolved into something else, and they decided to rebrand it. A stealth/action game set in feudal Japan is more than enough to get my eye on it, and with the added mechanics of Sekiro’s mechanical arm gadgets, I’ll definitely be waiting with bated breath. Check out 20 minutes of gameplay:

Finally, we have ID Software’s “Doom: Eternal.” A follow up to the extremely well received 2016 reboot just titled “Doom,” Doom Eternal promises to be all that and more, with our titular character the Doom Slayer gaining access to new weapons, which means more ways to rip and tear through demons. ID Software is famous for the gunplay in their games, and I am 99% certain that Doom Eternal is going to be great. Truth be told, I’m not even that excited for the game, but rather the music. Mick Gordon is back again, and after the masterpiece that was the soundtrack of the last game, I can’t be happier. Oh wait, I can. He recently put out this casting call:

Heavy metal choir baby. Now, to be fair, it isn’t confirmed what this is for, but come on, it’s got to be Doom Eternal, right?
As a side note, perhaps even an honorable mention, another ID Software game, Rage 2 is also set to release later this year. The 1st game wasn’t particularly well received, so here’s hoping the second will hit that Mad Max mark.
There it is, the games I’m looking forward to. What are you looking forward to? Let us know!