TAG! – Titanfall 2

Titanfall2 (Demo)

After playing Apex Legends for a few weeks now, I had seen videos and posts about its source game, Titanfall 2. I remember when the game launched it was highly praised with huge improvements from the first, and an extraordinary campaign to go along with it. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, they decided to launch in between Call of Duty and Battlefield, meaning the game flew under the radar. As far as I can tell, the game is no longer being updated, but that hasn’t stopped me and a stream of others flooding into Titanfall 2. First and foremost, my past self may have subconsciously dismissed this game, but good god, do I ever regret that.
This is the smoothest, freshest, meatiest, shooter perhaps ever, and every inch of this game ooze with style. The combat: Fast, fluid, you’ll be grappling all over the place, or cloaking, or a whole host of other special abilities with the other pilot abilities, running on walls, flying across the map, gunning down enemies left and right with a host of equally satisfying weapons. Whew! That was a mouthful. Then, “Prepare for Titanfall,” after gaining enough points, down from space rockets your titan, one of many different choices, each with unique abilities and strengths.
The sense of power you suddenly gain, and the surprising mobility and fluidity of these massive robots, you become a huge target, but also can decimate your enemies. The game is one hell of an experience, and I couldn’t get enough. I can’t stress enough the cool factor, of this game. I grapple-hooked and swung across the map, and an enemy jumped in my way, and I kicked him out of the air, it was the sickest thing ever, and I just about yelled in excitement, and it was like 3 in the morning. This game rocks.
Listen, I’m going to say this once. Yes, the game is on Origin, which is possibly the worst launcher in, all existence. Yes, it is technically published by EA, and there is some confusing microtransaction. For clarification, you can unlock everything just by playing, except, for an assortment of fancy skins for weapons and the Titans. But, for $20 base price, and with frequent sales, this game is absolutely worth it.